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How CTOs Can Build a Strong Team Culture

By Gizel Gomes | April 23, 2024

The modern CTO is responsible for building and leading a high-performing, strong team that can consistently deliver quality results. Moreover,…

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Amazon CTO, Dr. Werner Vogels Shares His Tech Predictions for 2024

By Gizel Gomes | April 17, 2024

Dr. Werner Vogels is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost thought leaders in developing and evolving internet-scale computer…

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Breaking Down 5 Major Challenges Facing the Modern CTO

By Gizel Gomes | April 15, 2024

The modern CTO is a jack of all trades – the master of technology sets, plugged into all business elements,…

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10 Insightful Tech Podcasts to Download this Month

By Gizel Gomes | April 12, 2024

Though written posts and quick videos get the most attention for easy shareability and content recall, tech podcasts are a…

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A Guide to Developing KPIs for Direct & Indirect Reports

By Jena Hodgson | March 28, 2024

In the cascading waterfall of management, developing KPIs with realistic, business-focused outcomes are crucial for org-wide effective leadership goals. Aligning…

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How to Balance Internal Politics with C-suite Leadership Goals

By Jena Hodgson | March 18, 2024

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of being in a CTO role is frequently balancing on the tightrope between…

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CTO vs CIO: Where Do the Jobs Differ in 2024? 

By Jena Hodgson | March 16, 2024

The roles of CTO vs CIO, once distinct and clearly defined, now find themselves intertwined in a complex web of…

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Your CTO Blog Directory for Every Dimension of the Role

By Gizel Gomes | March 13, 2024

CTOs are tasked with steering their organizations through the shifting currents of innovation and disruption. In such a fast-paced environment,…

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CTO Leadership Strategies to Learn From Public Sector Leaders

By Michelle King Smith | February 29, 2024

Private companies tend to adopt new technology faster than their public sector counterparts. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to…

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How CTOs Balance Power vs Authority For Ethical Leadership

By Michelle King Smith | February 27, 2024

The role of CTO carries a lot of weight. You stand at the forefront of your company’s technological advancements and…

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