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What We Learned A Month After the Chaos of Reddit’s IPO

By Jena Hodgson | May 1, 2024

Reddit, with its 19-year legacy as a cornerstone of the internet, made a strategic move to enter the IPO arena…

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2024’s Top SaaS Funding Rounds: Predicting Future Tech Titans

By Jena Hodgson | April 29, 2024

Midway into 2024, the SaaS sector faces a new funding environment that’s far removed from the days of easy capital…

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A US election year changes everything. Here’s what to expect

By Jena Hodgson | April 22, 2024

As the gears of the US political landscape begin to turn in anticipation of a presidential election year, every industry…

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The Rise, Fall, and $900 Million Bid for WeWork

By Jena Hodgson | April 12, 2024

In chaotic, rapid, and fierce landscape of tech startups, few stories capture the imagination— and serve as cautionary tales— quite…

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Exploring the Impact of the US vs. Apple Monopoly Case

By Jena Hodgson | April 10, 2024

When you think of tech giants that have captured America’s heart, Apple stands out as a household name. For the…

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