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Tech Odyssey: What is Edge Computing?

Technology trends often feel like a constant chess match – except where the rules change and new players rise to the top daily. A recent rookie has emerged with promise: edge computing. Yet, amidst the buzz, it’s crucial to discern substance from hype, unraveling the real-world applications that lie beneath the surface. In the realm…

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Where Will GenAI Lead Us This Year?  

The demand for Generative AI (GenAI) products, encompassing notable programs such as Google’s Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is soaring. The industry projections are awe-inspiring – the GenAI market is anticipated to catapult to $1.3 trillion within the next decade, a staggering leap from its $40 billion size in 2022. With a boom mirroring tech renaissances’…

10 Tech Conferences Every CTO Should Attend in 2024 

Amidst the plethora of events crowding the 2024 calendar, identifying the key tech conferences becomes imperative for CTOs navigating the shifting tech landscape. Technologies like AI continually undergo significant advancements, contributing to the overwhelming pace of developments in the tech realm. To assist CTOs in prioritizing their time and investments for optimal digital transformation, we’ve…

Everything you Need to Know Before the CES 2024 Conference

Every January brings one of the most highly anticipated events in the tech world, the Consumer Electronic Show. As one of the longest running and most prolific trade shows in America, CES has become the definitive event for the latest technological advances, as well as a showroom for companies to reveal innovative and new products….

5 Books on Every CTO’s Must-Read List

Welcome to the pivotal intersection where personal growth and tech leadership converge. Here, the pursuit of continuous learning is not just an advantage— it’s an imperative for sustaining a flourishing career. In this blog post, we present a curated selection of five must-read books that are making waves among tech leaders worldwide. These aren’t just…

The Google Antitrust Lawsuit Wages On

Google is currently embroiled in a series of legal battles, as the U.S. Justice Department charged Google with using its financial might and dominant position as search engine to illegally exclude competitors.   Sounds complex – and rightfully so – as top analysts consider this case to be the most significant antitrust trial of the modern…

How ChatGPT Empowers CTOs in 5 Key Roles

For CTOs, the pace of the industry is relentless. Inside and outside your org, time is racing and technology In a tech landscape marked by rapid growth and expansive market developments, disengaging from the industry is simply not an option. The challenge then becomes finding ways to reclaim precious time without compromising essential job functions….

Evaluating Elon Musk’s Handling as CEO of X

From startups to billion-dollar enterprises, the C-suite operates under a microscope. Decisions are questioned, motives examined, and plays scrutinized. On a global scale, businesses take stock of public companies as a north star metric – learning from their wins and woes. Today, nobody is more divisive than the former CEO of X, Elon Musk. Musk initially…

Unpacking Critical IT Leadership Skills That Drive Success

Leading your org to greatness demands more than just technical prowess – it calls for the adept use of influence, command, and empathy to craft your IT leadership skills to new heights.  That was a bit serious. Maybe heavy-handed, too. But truly, our legion of journalists agree: IT leadership isn’t confined to managing technology. The great…